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Face Cream anti-age

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Intensive anti-age treatment for mature skin with Stem Cells from Argan sprouts.
An intensive treatment that unleashes all of its anti-age effectiveness and protects natural skin firmness for a long-lasting, radiant and youthful look. Stem Cells from Argan sprouts activate the physiological reawakening of the stem cells in the skin on your face, while the Argan kernel protein Fraction smooths your face more each day, relaxing its features with a natural, immediate tensor effect. The extract of Argan leaves, exceptionally rich in flavonoids, also has the power to protect dermis structure and collagen fibre integrity, enhancing tissue elasticity and countering sagging and premature ageing of the skin.



Use: apply this cream, with its very appealing texture, to your face, neck and low neck line. Apply a small amount of product, patting it in with your fingers and using a very light motion, stroking your skin from the centre of your face, outwards. Lastly, use your hands to press very gently, to help absorb the treatment without moving your features.

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